Desolate Pining Piece

longing through embers

the ashes of yesterday

all my smoke rings backwards to the sky

I know why I can't have what I crave

measured through raw jackass agility

your halo molds over my frown

this isn't even painful anymore

suffering like rebirth

the angles of crude youth

all mine to devour quickly

angel eyes and i'm not here anymore

I can feel another threshold of dead language

leaving me like a splinter's inelegance

I can see the pale lit bedroom window

feels like fire at my fingertips

where I can't fly, I'll just climb

something lovely possessing me so thoroughly

I can taste winter on my cracked lips

like sour sentencing, the prisoner to his cage

i'm not here for you, i'm not there for me

just bring her home, I'm overthrown to heartache

who feels the same, who needs the shame

i'm so used to four wall paradise

this new shade of despondency

all by myself for years to come

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