Shade Cancer

How acid rain became my new lover

in wet worlds colliding like mosquitos

a damp recollection of her sitting summer sexy

soggy my soul encoded her heated appeal

beautiful flash flood make out sequence

we're wet from the lips of july

I swim backwards in her elegant undertow

solidifying the waves between lovers is simple now

skin just melts like it should

If dust can collect it's own ornaments

lets me never follw that routine

I'm watching the fucking clock too

dim-lit pantyhose fantasy bores me to death

under the ceiling of solitude, I'm just so forever

feeding my dreams to the jaws of grandeur

doused in youth, I run circles around my playground past

no mimmediate needs for bully's and sickness

digging for christ fossils

Unless you've seen Cancer claim identity

you know nothing of cruciFICTION

Can you imagin his broken bones

sandpaper embrace, the rot and lick

his tranquil sorrow, how I envy some submission

take to the junkyard with scraps now

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