Charmicarmicarmicat: Shines To Death*

raw gravity by choice

the choking heat of broken promises

beside the glass in broken shade

no cool air for the moist surface

lights as skeletal as laughing jackals

now like vultures, we swim towards the top

spare the throats of loss, your's is open and flowing

god, disguised is a bastard's warm climax

burn like smiles of radiating norse gods born to scourge

our door to fire, response like a billion stars

all lifting their violence at once

come writhe inside this unholy jubilee

ahses instead of earth, my lover god-flames

upon dawn we give sacred birth

to your magma ending, float to the top

Author's Notes/Comments: 

* Inspired heavily by a song called "
Charmicarmicarmicat: Shines To Earth", By A band named ISIS. The titled is derived of the same beginning title. Thank You ISIS/The Melvins for this incredible song.

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