Phoenix Longing

Get this image into my head

stars born sour reap the tower

fixated on lukewarm anxiety

thos elips like red wine waterfall

strawberry divine flowing the perfect shade

escape through forceable persuasion is any toad

the difference between the happy and sad face

is ours unmentioned gone to the gutters of yesterday

When you know so well how to be saved

my lips fall like snowflakes on pale cheeks

sapphire burning eyes my north star

guide me soft into abandonment, I've slept here too

minus confusion, minus explosion

when you're alone as well

patient yet nimble behind cold bars

red sky persistent my tomb of seduction

reveals romantic nagging infinite

ghastly in gallons of this choking fog, it's simply against me

sympathy for the pendulum

slanting slowly for shelter

I've arranged to french kiss a cemetary

while she lights holy fire in the sky

quiet winter atrocity rearing it's ugly skull

Only as mute as you'd guessed

fire belongs to us now

where simpler men kneeled and confessed

spoke of phoenix longing and they slept blessed

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