She Went To The Sea

Our path carved from fields of corpses

their necklaces wither through age

their swollen skeleton overture

keep me warm with that solitude

can you imagine our minds exposed?

thinking of everything and nothing

at once we collide in twice the brightness

she held her hand out to me

invited me through the gazing forest

we kissed like our lips we're melting

ignoring the brisk macabre in sliding shadows

staring into eachothers weaknesses

jawing our tongues with anticipation to exterminate

the worthless population breaching new reason or rot

the strength gathered from love

intoxicated our emotions

tar seeps over our scars

knowing harm as comic virtue

the thoughts we intertwined

like stars from the infinite divine

If you could see her sad angel appeal

you'd sink through freezing oceans

to claim it and win the steal

come watch us dance to the sound of sighing

her quick eyes blinded by my need to flee

with no such sickness, she went to the sea

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