Stygian Rite Movement

down muscle down within

dark throats with the ink of sin

wrap around virgin soul

these forests writhe too

Blood Red Electric Swallowing

Hold us to the stinging dawn

the vintage thirst quenched by exposing

our selves and souls to leaders of black ring

Come shame the same in these sonic pits

Amidst tongues and tongues

licking the clocks before curfew

upside down cross in her flesh of foundation

ashes where women gave birth

swallow us into trash clouds

the lines for medicine death

come kill me easier

I like the slow and painful commandment

bear me a resource to severe

on crutches no absent recycled thought

brothers arrive in robes with missing fingers

give to us, give to our arousal

We Deserve You

Author's Notes/Comments: 

men of god or children

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