Vince Eats Worms

Soggy recollection the dingy fortress

arriving to my psyche with hammer and nail

the sorted prison cells with their ugly shadows

vulgar faced goons and quarter moons

we aboard the quicksand elevator

Never know yourself until blood is under your fingernails

remembering every sentence spewed at my head

confined space with no such grace eats away

the days you'd rather not wake

uncoil seconds before the mess I make

That hopeless, that descpicable, that fine line

always a century of wondering what calamity could push me

before playing the role of soft hearted addict

keep me numb with pills and shrills until dawn

reverse the gorging process into the meager confinement

I've heard but never seen ghosts there

I'm certain they fell asleep next to me

like the dejected jackals draw joker cards

unfortunate is every dull instance lacking feeling

Illuminated across the landfills of cell phone drones

A cloud of horse flies and tooth fairies

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