ask me about my day.

so, you ask about my day
and yeah, I'll tell you I'm okay
but I haven't taken my mind away- from it
and yeah, it's really far to explore
and it's quite a long walk, but a thousand miles beyond
for me, is just a footstep towards the door

sure, I promised you I wouldn't and
I told myself I can't
but at the end of the day I'm all alone and I can't, stand it
you can hold my hand and whisper it'll be fine
but when it comes down to the core, it will always just be me
and the notches in my spine

and I really just don't care
about myself or where I'm going
I just want you to have a home, free of my greedy vines
all I've done is latch myself upon you and proceed in my growing
up the exterior of your beautiful structure
and I hate myself for continuing, whilst knowing...

so, you'll ask about my day
yeah, I'll tell you I'm okay
but I'm only really interested in how you are
and that's the only reason I'm still around

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