He came to Earth in human form and the Earth shouted, sound the alarm because our Lord

And savior has been born. He was here on Earth to save mankind, although He was here for just

A short time. For God so loved the world, He sent His only Son to turn man from sin and be a 

Shinning light for everyone.


Your light will shine and all he say to do, is to love your brother as I love you. You see the Grace 

Of God comes through His Son and He offers life eternal for everyone. Now He was trying to show

Man God's perfection, but the flesh is proud and hates correction, when He tried to teach this they

Nailed Him to the Cross.


And it seemed all was lost. Then He shouted it is finished, and no one could understand, that it was

All par of The Father's plan, so the gift of Eternal Life could belong to man because man was under 

The Law and could not stand, so Immanuel came to redeem man. He gave His Life so we could live

And through His Love The Father can forgive because the wages fo sin is death and it's very real.


For darkness had come into the world and it seemed the madness would never cease, so He entered

The world, The Prince of Peace. Then He had to leave, but He will return, He sits on the side of The

Father and they are concerned, how long will it take for man to learn, while His flock patiently

Awaits His return.


UP, UP and away we will go, to brand new life that we will come to know, and GOD'S Face He will 

Show. And a Beautiful Life, He has in store. Glory Be To GOD Forever More...


By MilMan  Cool

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another one that came to me in Rehab. By The Grace Of GOD...   Cool

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