Thanks Giving / Another Blessed Day

I thank you Father for another blessed day. And in your Holy Hands Heavenly Father, Please, let me stay,

From the way of Lord Jesus let me not stray and be a blessing for someone else along the way. For Heavenly 

Father you are Truth and you are Light, I thank you so much for taking me out of the dark and making me 

Shine so Bright, while straightening out my life and taking me to new heights.


I also thank you Father for our Lord Your Son. Who died for us all your most precious one. He gave His life so 

Life we could receive, for all the ones who believe. And that was something He didn't have to do, but your love 

For us came shining through. So you gave Your Son so we could come clean and stand before you completely 

Redeemed. Then He finished your work and returned to the sender, where He sits at your right side in all His

Heavenly Splender.


And if I want something, I can surely claim, If I ask for it in Lord Jesus Name. Now this is something I am

Begining to understand, is that I am in truly Good Hands. Now Heavenly Father I ask for joy, wisdom, health

And peace, I ask for your Grace and also increase, because you possess all the riches and all the fame.

Now Heavenly Father, Glorify Your Name. John. 12:28.


By MilMan  Cool  Keep The Faith.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another one that was sent to me. When They Come In Sight. I Write. For in the morning, at night or any time of the day. This prayer you can say, and have a Blessed Day. MilManCool

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