6's and 9'S

My Fragile Heart

My sight hazy in my outlook on life. I fight, but why. I know the answer, construct questioning builds, as high as these skyscrapers go, I still can't reach me. I am a storm in the belly of a terrible hurricane with nothing but momentum in front of me. A steaming rain on a sunny winter day, everything chaotic, it seems, this road meant for me, my footing strange enough to walk this path. I can see every shade of Gary, and know darkness, when I close my eyes, I see me inside out, in the dark, my reflection lies behind my eyelids. My fleash is it's own, and is devouring me. But my faith shine like every color bright, my soul dwindling, but it is a beautiful little diamand still. I am stricken for that boy, I am him, yet I am a demon, so we are not the same. I am vain, he feels the strength of my vainitys, he cant fight anymore, but neither will he give in. I'll let sleep as much as I can, but no piece, no piece, not until god comes, not for this world only me, only chaos.

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