The Jock

The journey of a jock sports really rocked, the jewels, the pools forget about school, his people were saying, you're being a fool, he ridiculed.


He was in stride on a wonderful joyride, While in the background they'd lurk watching him do all the work, they get all the perks, total jerks. They would sham, take the money and scram, left him in a real jam, they didn't give a damn.


As things got funky he felt like a flunky, soon turned into a junkie. Now full of mistrust, disgust everything went bust feels  life is so unjust but to come out of that hole is a must.


Alas he'd been outclassed, felt like a complete jackass. Started to think, what should I do? Prayed for a breakthrough, feeling so low he had to climb a ladder to tie his shoe.


So he started to panic trying to come out of his slump, kept trying to jump, kept landing on his rump had to slow his roll he'd hit one of life's speed bumps.


What kept popping in his head was the game of poker so he reached deep inside and pulled the joker. He got over the hump came out of his slump, no longer in the dumps and whatever they threw he'd trump.


He got rid of the folly now he's jolly cause he's no longer their boy nor their toy and don't go for their ploys, he's experiencing the real Mccoy, JOY


So whether you're on top of the world or the least in the hood... GOD IS STILL GOOD.

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