Beautiful and Free


She was an extraordinary woman, truly.

She had gifts and knew how to use them 

and every time you thought you knew one side of her,

she transitioned like the moon 

and her tides crashed upon the shore 

with bioluminescence glistening as far as the eye can see- 

enticing you with her beauty.

She was anything but average 

with a pinch of jubilance and a dash of confidence

even the mundane or perceivibly insaine of obstacles 

became just one hurtle that was conquered with grace.

You could tell her she's beautiful 

and she'd just give a wry smile 

you could confess your love to her 

and she'd bask in your comfort like a newborn pup nestled up 

She was a sister, a lover, a daughter, a significant other,

a loyal friend until the very end and a dreamer 

who often saught to be an over achiever.

She was the one you think of when you reminisce of true love,

but she belonged to the world and never that special someone,

at least not for too long.

And when times got tough 

she'd open right up 

because she knew each of us were never truly alone 

when within all the hearts she touched felt like home.

She was extraordinary and anything but average 

she was beautiful and free as can be 

taking the road less traveled.














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