I thought patience was sitting on a park bench

next to the water watching the duck swim, waiting to see

a fish jump out of the water and make a splash

in the silence of a summers day.


I thought patience was the closed mouth I had

as I listened to a new friend

pour her heart out about lost love

that I too had felt and wanted to speak about


I though patience was sitting at an open bar at an airport 

listening to the resonating sound of acoustic music

creating a calming ambiance in the midst of chaos 

and every next flight.


Patience was all of this

the foundation of nature's elements

the presence of a kindred essence

and the energy of a new journey.


Patience was all of this and so much more.


I learned patience was love in learning

being present for the one, being seen, caring

and building a relaionship the same way

spring cleanses wih rain just to enrich nature's hues of green.


I learned patience was letting go of anxiety

and finally being present, embracing every moment

just as it is and relishing in it.


I learned patience was letting love have strength

and letting life take it's course

as the stages of life began falling into place

no longer tring to fill a void

or anything to escape.


I learned patience is a mind at ease, a home of abundance

lovers in love and all of the above.


I learned patience is key to rediscovering me.

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