The Love I Met part 2


They read the words

which bared the truth I knew

every page and every song

that kept me from moving on

another prose meant for you.


Every day passed 

as time marched on

365 ways to explain

hope lived on every page-

ink stained, memories contained

how you were the one all along.


With eyes closed

time froze;

visions of you held my heart

so close to home,

I never felt alone

you were never on your own.


I know it may shake you

knowing all the paper I went through;

words and notions relay the elements exposed

on every page and

all I've been through 

living for a purpose

fulfilling every verse with 

knowing what you meant; -too-

caught up in this life

everyday a fight 

trying to make things right

and it's all right.


Silver lining:

you came back at perfect timing

new energies realigning 

as if it were a simple wine and dine

before I made my next move-

loaded revolver, shot through two-

hearts exploding like a sunset of colors

merging red and blue,

sparks fly behind closed eyes

as once more your lips stopped time.


Fragile was the bomb,

another verse, another song

ink'd memories, complimenting, see-

the lion within, a heart that beats to live,

the revolver is a problem solver for a mind that won't forget, 

cherished so healivly, rotating

you're worth every fragile memory

every vision of your eye's I've seen

reflecting the elements within me

fulfilling my destiny, book two

still in chapter 1 thru 3

and all that's meant to be

is every part of creating me.


Through life's twists, time slips

Writing from the depths

hope lived to make this life the best

never settling is the greatest test.

Chapter 2 another plot twist, what's this?

yearning to live with purpose

as I script another verse until the memory hurts

reminder's of a life worth living is what you deserve.

Giving purpose forgiving sin

another page turned, another lesson learned

veritas aequitas until the very end

another prose as I feel closer to home

letting the world know time and rhyme again:

this was meant for a very dear friend.



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