What's it like to be love?

What's it like to open up?

What's it like to be loyal?

What's it like to never give up?


What's it like,

when you slip a lil' honey in your cup,

twisted tea, replenishing the roots of thee.


What's it like,

when the hibiscus opens at dawn

of a new day-

just to leave a home, closed, and forevermore 

it's beauty ceases to show.


What's it like to be young and meet the old?

To see the tree that bears the seeds 

for a gift to you and me,

the fruit of knowledge

the wisdom and homage,

history unseen,

whispering sweet nothings-

between the leaves,

a maple trail

when you expected me to bleed,

another foot of growth 

when you thought I would go ghost you, out-

of my body, out of my mind,

resurrected like the lotus, we know this,


The shadows that plays,

the decayed that lays,

the path unseen,

the all seeing,

the wisdom left in you,

the last breath bid adieu,

learning to love, the old fashioned way.


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