From Me To You, Today


I did it once

just for me

and damn it was fun

seeing who I was growing to be.


Now I'm this person

accomplished and on a throne of my own

within my mind, meditating on a land of

intrinsic royalty-

crowned by thine'selfs joy of all the

time spent investing the kingdom's worth into me.


I've shown myself my elements

exposing the many depths I could reach.

I've let myself break down

with only Hope 

that one day I'll be a better version

of who I used to think was "me" 

Never knowing how spectular 

living as this new person I've become

could be.


Now it's round two

message in a bottle


From Me, 

To You.

No longer the other way around

where between my lines

you'd need tunnel vision to see through-

to see the real me, with your light reading my darkness,

puzzling together my story, as relating to it began breaking down a part of you

reading every last page with Hope-

with whatever compassion and love you had living within you.


I've given you crystal vision

sharing a form of art, who knew!?

After this time we've grown

living life with the Big Picture in sight.

Living in a healthy body, caring for our sacred mind,

our physical temple creates a place of security,

aligning to something more, faith in a pure diety,

with a heart so endangered it had to be caged

how else could a mind so beautiful live alone, everyday?

A dichotomous balance, needed to be each of the principles alone,

percieving with a minds eye, high on that home grown,

living for the memories, lookin back on that ol' Kentucky home.


My friend,

we are just human

living our lessons

over and over again;

it's okay to stray

when you live with wanderlust these days,

it's okay to do everything that you know is good for you,

because that will become a good part of who

each of us can become,

it's okay to coexist and be at one.


Character is doing what you said you would do,

when nobody is around to see.

So build character,

and be the best version of yourself you can be!

Harness your own language of love 

living for the hell of it

because you never really know...


And when it's time

every cell within you

will already know,

and every part of your beautiful self 

will show.


It will be love,

with no regards to how long it will stay

no thoughts of how to let it go

It will become a part of you,

that will always find a way.


From Me

To You

and the people we are today.

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