Sister, Here For You


Your pain is real

Your pain is raw

It's okay to feel

It's okay to fall

I want you to hear me

after it all

When the worry works in

When you build more walls,

And your mind starts to craze

And you're in bed all day

Forgetting about the memories

Forgetting the pain

Always remembering the meds

Always numbing everything away;

I'm here for you (sister)

I'm just waiting on your call

To tell me you're ready

To let go of it all.

There are paths you've yet to take

There are lessons yet to learn

Thru this all, you must be strong

Thru this all, you must want to go on

Here I am, one call away

Here I am, a house nextdoor, one walk away

Far is not far, when we're this close

Far is not far, when you let go

Let go 

Let's go

and have a toke or two

and talk about me and you

Let go 

Let's go

To where our bodies dissolve away

To where our essence goes out to play

When time is light and light is time

When the all heals all you feel

With love and light

With one night.

Come with me, to see it true, there's a way to heal me and you

Come with me, out of the blue, I know what you're going through.

Feel as I do

Feel everything you do

Multiply that 

Multiply by two

Sisters by blood

Sisters thru and thru

Sisters connected

Sister, I'm here for you.


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