What does it take

to allow one to be free?

to release limitations

and have faith

in the grand picture of life

with no destination in sight

just a free spirit, open heart

and redemption of all strife;

letting go of all comrodity may seem

of a task unable to release

but forgive, my dear, as you too

will see, the principals

of your life

will protect you

beyond comprehensive belief.


So live life to your fullest,

allow yourself to receive.

No other has the power to see

what you percieve.

You are but one being 

in the greater picture

of all we know to be,

but your energy is a power

to embrace,

as as one with the universe-

you are meant. to. be.




[The peace in me honors 

the peace in you.

(Namaste) and 

to thineself be true!]

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