You held the shadows

where my sadness chose to lay.

You were the empty train track

accompanied by fog-

not the passengers

heading out 

for a journey that day.

Giving me space.

You were the hope in a family photograph

saved after the house burnt down.

You were the only phone call

when no-one else

was around.


You were the darkness

where the shadows chose to lay

you were the last train

to depart with one passenger that day.


She cried "my foreboden heart,

and it "didn't love enough" as he would say."

But he loved her endlessly, anyway.


You were the old photographs 

where everything appeared alright.

The light in the darkness

signaling my way.

But you are no longer

the person I call at night. 

Now my strength

and faith

have accompanied me, just with time

letting me know it's because of light

that a little darkness

is just fine.


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