Cleaned Vibes

For all the times you've been taught

then lived and leaned

the good and the bad 

the right and wrong turn

varying on the different perspecive

each of us have 

for all the times you've lived with concern

and second guessing

everything you think,

I want you to 


and sit withing the moment




Who you are from THIS moment forth

is all uphill.




There's nothing that we can control in the sense of all this universe witholds.



And who we ever are past this present moment 

is un-fortold.




So why do anything that would cause malodies

on your distinct being-

within reality

with awareness

of the inevitable consequence.


Why would one set the intention to live a detrogative essence?

When the beauty of well minded lifestyle

would unfold and heal us with it's power and energetic resonance.

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