Kingdom's New Hand


He appologized,

on behalf of thy kingdom's men:


"Flutter those eyes, lass

and see of their many a trends-

to find a princess like you!

who to be a young queen but at ease

and trick her- that mind so blue, by his delusion of reality

always a mime as the joker walks the line

of love and lust, glutten and be of discuss (disgust) 

spoke from the mouths of the many more

lad's of the valley, knock-knocking on the mens' doors

for the words of the way

how life hath granted us this day!

And for a piece of bread

you'll get some head-s'up

of how a princess like you 

deserves more than just 

a front for the truth-

you seek within them, and 

for a slipper and gown

the princess goes down

to find herself 

choking on the truth

she's to be queen 

and she still lives with zest youth, and

this kingdom is never ruled by one

but by two;

and there she sits

upon throne as he be a misfit, she-

wondering if her Prince

will withold her glass slipper

or a signed promise on paper.

Kacklin in mind at 'her' (his) weakness

he falls to his knee-deep in scene, him

bowing for benevolance 

he puts ring upon a new queen.


Has thy kingdom been mistaken?

An arrangement for all to see

how the men of the mass

lives unworthy for the power hath yet been seen.

At once! Opened within mind, blinding veil removed from her eyes

she's got a kingdom of her own!

And have it as she holds their hearts

she's ruled this land from the very start

to see what all persons have done

making justice upon land

she will accept no-one

person to make of any harm

to the women of youth

whose powers flow through 

every breath they take

the blood that flows in their veins

this kingdom will know once more 

there is purity and love within each of the many souls

and together we grow as nature unfolds

and a new life upon this land 

be of the reason to water what you sow.


So my princess,

as you know your fortune been told

it's time for you

to lead this kingdom

with your luxury of love

speaking o'er age with wisdom

of all that you ever knew

till the very last breath you bid adeiu!"



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