Cracks Are Meant To Be Filled With Gold


Hand crafted

with the most delicate love 

years upon years 

spent creating this mug

unique in every way

painted with intricacy 

stored upon a shelf

labeled "personal wealth"

and every day 

for year after year

a dose of love was poured within

banishing space for fear.

A cup half-full

soon filled to the brim

beautiful as ever

full with the love of those kin

then placed on a pan

with a pillar holding memories

on the other hand.

And little by little 

the memories motives became astray

as the cup started to pour below

keeping balance between the trays

dripping and spilling

this mug so unique

stained with residuals

draining like the memories

outweighing the possible probability

of space for fear

the end of all doses seeming near.

Crippling, a slow painful decay

the cup shattering it'self 

to rise above

and level the pan

in the other hand.

Bits and pieces 

falling upon the floor

a cup filling itself 

until itself was no more

and the memories


all that was left 

of that mug 


on the floor.


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