Road To A New Day


Maybe it's true

we just want to see each other grow

to recognize the road less traveled

and listen to that intuition

that ignites our soul

to create our own story

and like a love note-

we unfold;

like the hibiscus in bloom

on a sunny Tuesday afternoon

with our tea in hand

the love of a real good man

by our side

from sunrise 

to the depths of night.


And what we must remember

is how we've stayed true 

to the most beautiful part

of what lives within people 

like me and you-

a simple truth

and the utmost understanding

that love is being

and believing

that one could make a change;

to be a ripple that causes a wave

to a stranger

with a wide smile on our face

as we face our reality

with genuinity*

each and every day.

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