DeepRestIn Our Minds


some think it cyclic

the madness in our minds

that likes to come out and play

when life was going just fine


some think it can change 

and that we can just up and leave

and one day we'll look back and realize

it finally went away


some think it a sickness

that slowly kills you

until you kill yourself


some think it addictive

as if it's the greatest drug

that will never heal unless it gets constant help


some think it an illusion

a figment of our mind

tell it to those who feel it kick in

they'll say "thats a fucking lie"


some think it okay

that it's just a balance to live with

and one day in our mind it'll be something to learn to swim with 


some don't know what to think

and that's okay too


but just remember

so many people suffer with depression

even if it's not you.

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