Her Time


she spent her time 

alone at night

scripting the next poem

shading within the pencil drawn lines


she spent her time

manifesting her life

creating melodies with her 88 keys

living life however she pleased


she spent her time

becoming her best self

independent and passionate

determined to build integrity well


she spent her time following intuition

that allowed her mindbodyspirit to grow

regardless of the internal confliction


she spent her time

however she chose

no-one to call for

no-one waiting at home 


she spent her time

learning the ways of the world

about how to become a woman

when she had the jubilat heart of a young girl


she spent her time

making sure she was living her life

always learning something new

fighting with peace thru any strife


she spent her time, alright

and she always felt the safest comfort

in the lonesome silence of the night. 

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