Validate Me


Hushing ME

and my BIG words

ignorance is bliss

when what I SPEAK is unheard

I'm just trending?!

NO, Bitch, I'm MENDING!

Mending a soul

that had to grow

at an age too young

for one to be alone.



From who? You?

Honey, I think not

flatter yourself no more.

Are you smokin pot?

Because I didn't see your hand 

when I was fetal position on the floor!

Anxiety and Depression

crippling to the CORE.

But that's just part of me

not who I am, not any more.


See I picked myself up and

I had some family around

But I made the decisions

every time I moved to a new town.

And you think

I put on a SHOW for you?!

Honey everyday I live life on the brink

of life or death

it's the gift of my life,

and the fear created in my head.



It's your ineptitude


that leads me to whelve my perceptions

somewhere so DEEP,

yet I'm a virago of a woman!

With an open heart

ready for redamancy

a hopeless romantic

open to Serendipity

artistic catharsis,

wont you believe?


I don't put on a show for you

I just live my life 

to be the best version of myself

that I can be.

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eleven_eleven's picture

i feel your angst and salute

i feel your angst and salute your "honeys" ;)