Cryin' Wolf


Judge me as you want

it is not what you thought

I gave you my trust

but the front door was locked

So I yearned, and I learned

to speak in your tongue

I gave you my truth

I thought you'd open up.

But now it's my book

that's opened up to the page,

unwritten: YOUR NAME,

You thought I was a Fake!?

A facade in your face

mistaken my youth with ignorance

go ahead- tell it to my face

how you think I'm naieve


when I close my eyes

and travel beyond skies

aligning my energies

with rapid movement 

behind shut eyes

you think what you can't see is lies?

History, a tale as old as time,

we are all fucking unique!

we are all divine!

Yet I'm the one who's untrue

when I've never once said a bad thing

about you.

So tell it to my face

when my mind wanders

to that dark place

and there's no-one around

to pick me up when I'm down

All I do is scream

yet no-one hears a sound

Cryin' Wolf

as I'm pinned to the ground

maybe one day you'll listen to me, 

and then you'll know

when I'm speaking to you 

from ten feet below.

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