Let me tell you

when you feel lost, alone, hopeless

with no-one to turn to

and that thought hits your mind

'just one bump-

it's only one line'- 

in a song that can take you back

to before that trend began

when you seen yourself

as the better man.


Music has a way to

coax your pain

to be a helping hand

to hold in the darkness

forgive and get aligned again


at the top of your lungs,


as if you'll never live again

get rid of your drugs 

call someone you love

face the bugs

that crawl under your skin

don't fill your void with a new addiction

stand up again

with love filling your hands 

and SING

to the top of your lungs

DANCE because you can

KNOW you're clean

because YOU gave a damn

about your health

your virtuous wealth

and your family too


that you live to be YOU.

You are not where you've been

you are not who hurt you

you are a grown man

and you can live this life the way

you've always wanted to,

pure, becoming the best version of you.

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