Exoskeletal Baracade


Is that what you're afraid of?

Being somebody you're not

Being the person other people thought-

You once were- so full of life, so full of ambition

But now you see you've been the magnet for their sadness

Their addiction.

Is that what you want to do?

Walk around meekly 

Suppressing how you really feel

Do the bare minimum

And wonder why you're blue?

If you think that is what you must, then I hope you grow, too.

Because there's a whole life inside you only you know

And it's time to let it show.

I want you to dance when your favorite song comes on

I want you to meet new people socialize and mingle even if you never see them again

I want you to wake up thankful and appreciate every day

I want you to shed that old layer of you that you outgrew and relish in the embodiment you've manifested to this day.

You are blessed, you are worthy, you have potential and you are Surely

Going to do anything but fear reality- once you step out of that exoskeleton of skin tight walls you've been living within

You will succeed my dear

Don't be afraid to shed the old you in fear that you might bleed

That will not kill you

That will reawaken you in the present 

So you will finally understand

You are who and where you are meant to be.

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