SOBER Embrace the Pain


I want you to live your life

But here's a twist

I want you to be sober

Thru ever bit of pleasure or pain

Don't give in to the pharmaseuticcals 

Don't give in to that "just one toke"

Don't bump a line

Don't heat up the pipe

Don't get out your needle

I want you to be pure.

I want every aching bone in your body to know 

What it feels like to be real.

 To be awake all night because your heart aches


To miss the past but know those memories will last forever


To wake up early and watch the sunrise and get pumped it's a new day,

To fall asleep early listening to the rain



I want you to feel.

To understand every sense you have is meant to be a receptor for something BEYOND what you think is real

Become the sun on a Monday afternoon that is glad to still be shining

Become the glistening of light shimmering thru the leaves of the trees as you go for a nature walk, even when you haven't walked in months

I want you to jump into the ocean head first knowing it's taken countless efforts to over come the fear of what lies beneath.

I want you to be that depth.

I want you to live without regret.

I want you to think of those who've been there, even if they're not now; they taught you something about yourself.


Truth is

We are all not just equal.

We are all so magnificent and different

Unique with our own abilities

And we feel hunger

We all feel pain

We see the blue under our skin and know we bleed red just the same

I've seen the hurt. 

I've felt it too.

But of all the bullshit you feel

Nothing compares to being completely and utterly responsible for becoming YOU.


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