The Ice Cream

The only thing this man lacked was to try again the delicious flavor of that ice cream. It tasted as pineapple. But its real flavor was from those special moments with his brother in their childhood. They were inseperable, but different circumstances gave rise to their separation. He remembered when their father, once, took them to that special grocery store when they were kids, and told them to choose only one thing to eat and share between them, because they had behaved very well as brothers. They decided to pick up that huge bowl of pineapple ice cream. And at home, while watching that superhero movie, and laughing out loud, and playing, they devoured it all. It had been the best moment of his life. There were no worries, no concerns or problems; the only thing that existed in there was innocence and love between brothers.


So he started thinking if he should call his brother and tell him to see each other, but, something stopped him. He really missed his brother, however, he knew they were better in that situation... away from each other. They would have been 11 years since they last saw each other in their father's funeral. And the only thing he remembered his brother said was "Take care, Tony.". That last message was the end of that brotherhood. His brother was his partner in crime; they did all together, and even though they were from different ages, their relationship was very good.Tony knew his brother got married. He also did, and was very happy about that. But neither of them went to their special moments. Well, Tony sent a letter wiith the invitation to him, but he didn't assist. Their conflict was enormous that it influenced on that. Tony wanted to reedem himself, but he couldn't find the way to do it. He went to the church and decided to confess it all to the priest, but that wasn't the way. He needed to talk to him. He needed to have contact with his brother. But what he really wanted was to get back to the good old days. He was incapable to move on; what he needed was to hear three words. "I forgive you." He was so desperate that his wife didn't know how to help him. She was thinking to make a call to his husband's brother and arrange a meeting between them, but something in her heart told her that the only one who needed to fix this problem was Tony.


How was it possible that a strong relationship between brothers had an end? Or maybe it was just a time in order to fix everything, but a very long one. Their father used to say that when his moment arrive, they needed to be more united than ever. They would only have each other, because "a brother is the most blessed and important thing someone can have." And it was true, so that relationship still had hope of being healed.



So suddenly, Tony decided to took action. He took the phone, and with a big nervousness, made that call. His hands were shaking and his heart was accelerating very fast that for an instance, he wanted to hang up. No one answered, but he tried again. The phone dialed, and the same process with his body started to occur. A kid answered. And, unconsciously, Tony knew that the little boy was his nephew, so he, in a very friendly way, asked him to put his father on the phone. The kid took around 10 seconds to do it, but Tony felt hours passed. "Hello, who is this?", his brother replied. Tony had no words. But he did answered, and said, "Hi Matty, do you... still remember the taste of that pineapple ice cream?"  And with a faltering and melancholic voice, Matty said: "Of course, I always do."

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