The Ferris wheel of Life



From far I stare at the Ferris wheel like most others do. It so different by day because I can see what is bright and calm and by night the world becomes different, more exciting and turned on by the psychedelic lights that beam from every angle. Life can be so different though we sit as we do but affected by the change in light.


 Some choose to board and find that they can’t get off until the end of a planned cycle, whether they board alone, with someone they don’t necessary like or with someone they love. Their destiny will not change until the cycle is completed. Those who chose to just stare will only know how to imagine and envy those on board. Always wondering what life is about.


Do we have to decide to board in the morning or to board in the night? Can we choose to board anytime? Is life so regulated that we cannot chose? Do we have to board with people that expect us to do so, and are we not allowed to board with people that we think we like? Why is life so restricted by what should be and not what would be?


The Ferris wheel was never designed to control your life and never restricted by the time of the day. The Ferris wheel never required the passenger to board with approved people. I now know that we can all board when we want to with whom we like to and we can board any number of times we want. Most important is to find the right person to board with and no matter how long and when, we will enjoy the ride.

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