I'd like to preface this by saying that I was recently invited to speak at a local elementary school's "Family Poetry Night". I wanted to leave the children with something to remember the night and perhaps to give them an interest in reading or discovering poetry outside of school. I wrote them the following poem and made them a bookmark to take home.


It looks like a forest

It looks like a room

It looks like a backyard

With flowers in bloom.

It's a place that I go

Where I know that I'm free,

Under the branches

Of the cool poetry.

The boundaries are different

For all those who sit

And take what is outside

To the inside of it.

The lines are its branches

Of various size

And as I they are free

To be silly or wise.

Its leaves are the words

And I'm sure you can see

They fill out the form

Of the cool poetry.

And just like the oak

Or the maple of wood

They all are quite different

And each one is good.

So treat yourself sometime

As I often treat me

To some time in the shade

Of the cool poetry.



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