Things Change

Come here child, look at this,

I swanny, this dogwood

Ain't had a decent bloom

In nigh on five years now.

I reckon some things change.

Dear, that's a sign for sure

I 'spect we'll have some corn

Not like the summers past.

When dust was all there was

To move with rake or hoe.

Tweren't much rain in them years.

The forest here about

Was dry as tinder set

Beside that old black stove.

Lordy, we was lucky

It had no mind to burn.

Back when I was your age

Two hollers over flared

And killed a family there

By the name of Warton,

Four generations too.

Some things change I reckon.

Child, have you seen the like

As this here rain we've got?

When I was first married

Sadie fork over flowed

And purt near drown the town,

Middleground, you know it?

'Course you do, your pa stayed

When me and paps moved here

Way back in sixty-three.

I reckon some things change.

Listen dear, hear the rain?

Sounds like bacon fryin'

When it hits that tin roof.

Always did like that sound,

It'd put me to sleep

And I'm about to yawn.

My, but ain't that dogwood

Prettier than ever?

Some things change I reckon

And some things stay the same

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