Three Tears Fader

She signed my eyes with ink

A paraph sailing on saline silk

Sweet sweating alliterations

I the thief

She the mainour


A craving to be concealed

On a shallop we sailed

We being heart-beating explorers

Into the art of

Within and throughout

A swell of longing lungs


This dance of us

In the blue bottomless witness

Fire’s caress

Fingertips flourish on feverish

Hidden skin surrenders its yesterday

Bending rhythm

Out of time


My paperless language flows into

Her meaningless paintings consume me


The yare of our breath


This song of our collapse

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I enjoyed this greatly. It is

I enjoyed this greatly. It is beautiful.

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thank you so much. Love is

thank you so much. Love is never as easy as we want it to be. But I will keep playing the game... for now. Smile

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