Anti Hero

At a restaurant, 2 old friends are meeting again after a long time. People are gathering in front of the restaurant, a podium is being prepared. The press are asking the sergeant usual questions, but they are waiting for the indicated person to arrive.

"Good coffee, isn't it?", as he sipped through his cup.

"My dear Deshi, how have you been?” Zed exclaimed.

"Worried, although interested at the same time", I certainly understood him, this past weeks have been rather unusual.

"He has good intentions", nowhere to be seen and nowhere to be found.

"Of course he has, he is just different", Deshi said as he look to the podium in front of the restaurant. "A hero, some may say, an outlaw, others may think", the crowd gathered around the podium, eagerly waiting.

Dothan arrived, accused of corruption, unethical manners and of disappearance of important public workers, he faced a public trial. This was requirement by the system, the public trial represented the transparence of this system.

"What is a hero? What is an outlaw?", I asked, still Deshi just said "Do we have the age to be talking about heroes?", we laughed, yet time was not merciful, a lot has passed and a lot we have seen, but finally the sergeant stood up and walked toward the podium.

Everyone was expectant, and there he was. As the sergeant walked, he followed. 

"Dothan, the law itself", Deshi sighed.

"One more cup, please", Zed looked expectant, it felt like a tribunal. 

"Can you believe it? He just was unorthodox, and yet..."

"Yet, he was wrong?.."

Dothan, some call him the law others an outlaw. This justice system never worked, Dothan inside of the system knew how corrupt and unethical the system is. As an enforcer, he never thought of being shady, until using the system. The system was flawed, everyday there was nothing to do, except wait for a bad call. “Not everyone means everything and nothing”

“Extreme self-sacrifice”, Zed replied, he knew all along of this story.

“Remarkably sober, he has the urge to save others”

“A social outlier” Zed exclaimed, as the sergeant started speaking, a formal introduction, started reading all the charges and accusations, every pressman was there, it was important, no one expected this, it seemed impossible. Dothan, designed this system as a whole, for a different purpose, a lie, a beautiful lie.

“I couldn’t have done the same” Zed said. “But indeed he is fair, right and just” he added.

The waiter poured black coffee to Zed’s cup, Deshi didn’t looked away, and he centered his eyes on the podium. “I’m old, I lived different time of life and also with different manners, I’m not that rigid or squared, but I believe…” Deshi, was suddenly interrupted, as the sergeant started declaring Dothan’s public sentence. “This coffee always has always tasted the same” Zed laughed, “It never changes”

“But isn’t what we want? We always like the things to remain the same” Deshi also laughed.

“Yes, yes of course my dear Deshi, that’s why we always do the same? Or not?”

The sergeant finished, the outcome for Dothan was the expected one. The press saw him as what he was designed to be. “He did the right thing, unorthodox as I said”

“Of course he did, the manners, unfortunately, broke the mold he created”

Everyone left, knowing Dothan’s outcome, Deshi and Zed stood up and started walking back home,

“A delicious coffee, I always liked to remain the same”

“Well you always drink it different”


“Indeed, is not always what is meant to be, isn’t it?”

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