True Believers vs. False "Christians"

God (Inspired by)

When I stand in His presence
at the pearly gates,
he will not condemn me
for my sinfulness.


He will ask me a simple,
but profound question.


Did you believe that I loved you?


The genuine followers
will confirm the affirmative
and that their lives
were a reflection of this belief.


But many more "Christians",
the so-called church goers
but not church doers,
will shake their heads.


The true believers
can measure the depth
and intensity of God's love.


The others cannot.


They are only familiar
with their self-hatred,
depression, hopelessness, 
anything that blocks
God's path to us.


They made God in their image,
not vice versa.


Their concept of God
marred by their opinion
of themselves.
He became as judgmental,
legalistic, unloving
and unforgiving as they were.


But the God of the Bible,
the Creator, our Abba Father,
loves us without abandon.
He knows our life stories,
every skeleton in our closets,
every lie we've ever told.


He has seen us at our worst;
he knows every moment
of sin and pain that
has darkened your past.


He know our shallow faith,
our empty prayers,
our broken promises.


Despite our failings,
He asks us,
no He dares us,
to trust that He loves us.


Not as he wants us to be.
Not as we should be.
Because none of us are
ever as we should be. 


He loves us passionately,
recklessly, unconditionally,
just as we are. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by Brennan Manning sermon

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