The Language of Silence


A wise man once said that
the way we talk to our children
becomes their inner voice.


Well, my voice has been hushed
far too many times;
my achievements scorned.


I just needed a gentle touch
and all I got was a stern fist.


No encouragement garnered,
only criticism. 


Never once did I hear you utter
that you were proud of me,
that was my life was not for naught.


I know you couldn't say the words
and I, a carbon copy of yourself,
suffer through your flaws exponentially.
I learned to communicate without words,
to speak with silence.


I stared into space while
shoving food down my throat
as quickly as possible
to shorten our time together.


I trained myself
to never make eye contact,
to mutter hollow pleasantries
and keep the truth hidden.


The heart can only hold so much
before the heaviness
weighs down the spirit
past its breaking point.

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