I Hope You Read This...


I hope you read this even though you don't care anymore. I bet you think I'm jealous and that I wanted us to end up together. If you do, you don't know me at all and maybe it's for the best that you are out of my life. I never thought we would work out and that's why I disregarded you when you pursued me. That is not the point. I see pictures of you two together and it makes me so angry not because I want to be her. Far from it. As a good friend (which is all we ever were), I do want you to be happy. I truly do. But I hate you for keeping me out of life for no reason. I will never forgive you for not telling me you were getting married. You said we were still friends but you certainly didn't act like it. I didn't want things to be how they had always been but I would think a real friend would have told me that they proposed after a short 3 month courtship. Maybe you thought I would have tried to persuade you not to marry her 3 months later. And you're probably right. But maybe not. You didn't give me a chance. If the handful of very short conversations we have had during your courtship, I could have easily told you to end it but I never did, did I? You didn't even give me a chance. I told you more secrets that I have told anyone else and while I didn't think we would be friends forever, I didn't think it would end so abruptly. If I could take back the last 5 years, I would. What a horrible waste of time you were. I could have invested my time in a friendship with someone who didn't keep talking to me on the offchance that I would let them in my pants. You NEVER had a chance, not in a million years.   

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