High School Reflections

Looking back at that teenage girl,
she thought
high school would never end.


At sixteen,
grades were the most important thing to you,
but you missed the dances
and football games.


Those Friday night outings
were few and far between,
sleepovers even less.


You spent all your free time
overstudying for that test
that didn't mean anything
in the grand scheme of life.


You focused on your GPA
instead of kissing boys
and going to the mall like other girls.


They were not the best years of your youth
because you let them fly by
in libraries and curled up in bed.


You didn't laugh enough;
you allowed the dynamics of cliques
to keep you away from making friends.


You didn't have to be popular,
but you missed out on a lot of good people
that would have showed you what mattered. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: "Letter to Me" by Brad Paisley

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