Searching for Meaning

God (Inspired by)

We search for meaning
in the heavens,
look for signs in the celestials.


We wish to make sense of this world.


We want to find a reason
for tragedy,
for poverty,
for pain.


As if everything in life
had a lesson
more than how to endure suffering.


Where is God in all this?


Did He leave us here
to fend for ourselves,
or worse is His hand behind it all?


Is he indifferent or just cruel?


My heart says neither.


We brought this upon us-
the chain reaction of centuries
of misguided mistakes.


He doesn't save us
in the material sense,
he's focused on the eternal.


When the earth breathes its last,
we'll see how life was meant to be.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by "Vice Verses" by Switchfoot

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