Some people say they will
always be there for you.


But don't believe their words
until they prove themselves.


And if their actions
do not match their words
then they aren't worth your trust.


History is the best indicator
of character.


If they disappear as soon
as you are no longer useful to them,
it was a conditional relationship.


If they come back,
don't let them in.


They aren't worth your time
if they didn't consider you worth theirs.


I am tired of these type of people
taking advantage of my kindness
and then turning their back.


This is the last time
I let someone do this to me.


They became someone else
and left me here as I am
to fend for myself.


They are as good as dead to me;
I don't want anything to do with them.


Our relationship was a waste;
they hardened my heart
because they told me they believed
in unconditionality
then acted otherwise.

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