Apology Letter


I'm sorry I'm not a better daughter.


I'm sorry I never said I loved you;
I can never say how I truly feel,
I bury the emotions deep inside.


I just pretend that everything's fine
though I cry alone silently in my room.

I'm sorry I turn away at your touch
and ignore you when you open up to me.


I spend as little time around you
because I have trouble relating to you.


I'm sorry I'm not a better granddaughter.


I wish I could have been what you dreamed for me:
successful and socialable.


I wish you could have been at my wedding-
to know that I found a love like yours.

But I haven't and maybe never will.


I'm sorry I'm not a better cousin.


I'm sorry that I never call or visit.

I should have been there for you
when you needed me.


But I was jealous of how popular you were
and didn't know the price you paid
for that attention.


I'm sorry I'm not a better girlfriend.


I'm sorry I was selfish,
I wish I didn't read into all your actions.


I tried so hard to be the best girlfriend
but all it did was I push you away. 


I'm sorry I wasn't a better friend.


I contact you only when I need you
or feel obligated to.


When you lose touch,
I write you out of my life because
it's easier than facing rejection.


I'm sorry I'm not a bettern human;
I fail at existing.


Maybe the world would be better off without me.

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