It's so untimely when tragedy hits;
you are never ready for that phone call.


It rocks your concept of reality
and dismantles your life.


And when you hear the words,
you gasp in disbelief. 


Everything you were preoccupied with
suddenly falls away.


You try to make sense of what
you knew would come eventually but not today.


You think about a life cut short,
not by death but something far worse:


dementia, the death of the mind.


Someone you saw less and less because
she became a stranger with each visit.


You are thankful that you never saw the day
that she asked you who you were.


But your heart still breaks
at the state of life.


When the mind fails,
the body follows along.


And you wonder at her last year
after her soulmate passed. 
She spent her days with strangers,
in the care of those who couldn't care less.


She was starved and maybe worse.
She was drugged up to calm her violence.


That is no way to live and
definitely no way to die.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

RIP Abuela 4/22/1934-6/5/2014

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