Hope[ful] Romantic

I'm a hope[ful] romantic-
I don't believe in the grand illusions
that litter the pages of
the fairy tale storybooks.


But I believe that true love exists;
I believe that it begins
with tolerance,
followed by understanding
and finally acceptance.


Love is letting someone in
beneath the mask we all wear,
it's allowing another to know you
to the ugliest, darkest parts of you.


You relate on the deepest level
because you share commonalities
at the core of your characters,
even if having different hobbies
and personalities.


While no one can make one whole
for we are each our own person,
somehow this individual fits into us
like the last piece in our puzzle.


But it's more than that,
to love someone is to
know their secrets
before they are revealed,
to discover their identity
before they even know themselves.


At the end of the day,
love is about covering up
each other's shawdows so we may
become better versions of ourselves.


It may not be the love
the great novelists write about,
but it is the kind of romance
that my heart yearns for.

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