The Grand Scheme of Things


I wake up with the snooze button,
get dressed quickly,
and run out the door.


I go to work and sit at a cubicle
for eight long hours.


I drive home,
cook the same dinner every night,
and sit mindlessly in front
of the television until my eyes close.


Then I go to sleep
only to repeat the process tomorrow.


But all these little routines
mean nothing
in the grand scheme of things.


I feel like I am not doing anything
substansial with my life
as the years pass me by.


I watch the world
through my window
and wonder if I can do anything.


I see on the news-
all the hungry, the poor,
illness spreading.


But what I can do
from my living room?


I complain of busyness,
but I don't really have
anything stopping me
from changing the world.


I just have to stop the routine,
and I can start affecting
this planet for good
right outside my doorstep.

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