In the Middle of Trials


I know there is an earthquake
going on around you.


But hold your ground.
Hope is in the aftermath.


Even in the midst of the storm,
do not let it sweep you under.


Help is coming.
You will know the calm of the waves.


Your home may be burning down
as the walls crumble around you.


Your rescue is on its way
if you can be patient.


You have a gaping wound, 
and you can't stop the bleeding.


The doctor will find you
and end your pain.

Your life may be chaotic;
trouble may be at your doorstep.


But you will know the rest
that comes with the dawn.


Your enemies may be approaching,
but do not fear the battle.


The war has been won;
the world was overcome.


Someday you'll look back on today
and realize you endured the trials
and they made you stronger.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: "Always" by One Sonic Society and "Not Right Now" by Jason Gray

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