Manmade Destruction


God created the earth
but we made it like this.


We destroyed
our most valuable gift. 


We stopped caring
about the future.


It became about us
even though our time
is but a whisper.


Our ancestors
took care of the planet
but invention
turned it to waste.


We thought ourselves gods
that could create
natural wonders.


We made mountains
out of garbage;
our clouds are
made of smoke
and toxic fumes.


We change the world
every day we're here
by every choice we make
and action we take.


With our irresponsibility,
our selfishness
we turned something beautiful
into something
that's contaminated...


a planet ruined
with no hope
of ever returning to
its prior splendor.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by: Switchfoot's "The world We Want"

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