The Voice of Reason


My sole purpose for living
has always been
to the mediator
between the two of you.


I have to look at both sides
and decide who's right,
be the voice of reason
in a volatile environment.


Though I tend to lean to one side,
it's not always easy
to choose without
hurting someone's feelings.


My mother cries herself to sleep
but nothing compares
to the tears I've shed
alone in the quiet of the night.


So much responsibility
placed on the shoulders
of a child who never knew
the meaning of youth.


Every day I blamed myself
because after all
your miserable marriage
was my fault.


If it wasn't for me entering
the picture by accident,
you would have gone
your separate ways long ago.


You both tried to make it work
alleged for my own well-being
but maybe divorce would have been
the best thing to happen to us. 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by "I'm Ok" by Christina Aguilera

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